V.I.E, a secure and simple international mobility program by Business France

The V.I.E. or “Volontariat International en Entreprise” is an HR system of international mobility provided by the French State which allows a company under French law to assign a professional mission abroad, to a French talent or a citizen of the European Economic Area, aged between 18 and 28 years old at the beginning of the mission.

The procedure is simple to implement :

  • You define the mission that suits your situation: market research, sales prospecting, distribution network management, strengthening of local teams, support for a contract or a construction site, engineering, quality control, technical support from a local agent, etc.
  • You define the duration of the mission: from 6 to 24 months, renewable once during this period.
  • Business France advises and accompanies you through all the stages of the mission implementation and throughout its duration.

Business France takes care of the administrative management - except for visas - and can assist you in the recruitment and logistical organization of your V.I.E. mission. You can thus concentrate on the sole operational activity of your International Volunteer.

Benefits of the program

  • A budget under control :
    • Exemption from all social security charges in France due to the public status of the V.I.E.
    • Possibility of financing by Bpifrance (prospecting insurance, international growth loan)
    • Eligibility for SMEs in many French regions to subsidize V.I.E. costs
  • The administrative management of the VIE is delegated to Business France
  • A flexible HR package
  • A database of more than 40 000 candidates