Created in 2015, the “Avenir Export” Cluster (currently named New-Caledonia Trade & Invest) ambitioned to emerge as a new player in international trade. After two years of operation, we seem to have won our bet. In 2016, the cluster has developed its network of partners by encouraging success stories and thanks most importantly to the support provided by the Government of New Caledonia.

The first objective we set for ourselves was to remove the psychological barrier around New Caledonian companies’ capacity to export and we have reached that objective since we launched the OSE (Orientation for an Export Strategy). On 4 October 2016. Recognized for its expertise, the cluster plays a central role in this strategy.  New Caledonia Trade and Invest is nowadays the operational pivot point for the organization of the economic components of economic diplomatic missions.  

Of course, our members’ success story considerably contributed to our growth.  Several of them have finalized their export initiatives in various sectors such as innovation, service delivery or the food industry. 

Finally, the cluster has strengthened its network of partners in 2016 through partnerships with entities such as economic departments of French Embassies, Business France or Consular Chambers in the region. By promoting the “Team France” brand, NCT&I has granted its partners access to these new partnerships. It also enabled us to make regional stakeholders aware of France’s presence in the Pacific.  It is not necessary to contact French companies to benefit from French expertise when New Caledonian companies can be found much closer.  

Nowadays, thanks to its 100 members, NCT&I enjoys strong representation in all of New Caledonia’s economic sectors. As collaborative as it is participative, the cluster intends to pursue its support mission and continue to represent local economic stakeholders in their export ventures.   

pierrick maury

Pierrick Maury,
Honorary President of the cluster New-Caledonia Trade & Invest