New-Caledonia has many assets:

  • A good geostrategic location, in the middle of the Pacific and at the heart of Melanesia.
  • Structural assets: a developed country
  • High competences thanks to a level of formation in line with French standards
  • An efficient industrial organisation, aligned with European standards. The level of development is the highest among the overseas territories thanks to an effective administration and modern research tools.
  • A dynamic market, prosperous and open. Juridical, health, safety and currency stability.
  • Extraordinary life conditions thanks to landscapes and environmental richness, cultural mix, art of living, aquatic and sport activities possibilities
  • A French and European hub in the middle of the Pacific: transportation/logistics, commercial, export.

Infrastructures, commercial development and governmental services of New-Caledonia tend to surpass the ones of other Pacific countries. Thus, it offers to potential investors a comfortable and steady environment for business running. 


Success stories

 Bluescope Acier

With its 46 years old expertise, Bluescope Acier is a Caledonian enterprise part  of the technological world and which was able to form an alliance with a major international group.

Bluescope was able to take advantage from its status of subsidiary of the BlueScope Steel group – aluminium-zinc-plated steel world’s first producer and galvanised-steel world’s third producer – while maintaining its Caledonian identity.

Major specialist of steel in the Pacific and the world, the company is in prime position and is a model of a successful relationship between a joint-venture and its Australian partners. Nowadays, it is exporting in more than 38 countries and employs 16.000 people in around 20 countries.

Leader of steel processing in New-Caledonia, Bluescope distributes its products over the three Provinces of the territory and exports towards Vanuatu and Wallis-et-Futuna.

Head of the company is Denis Etourneaud, Bluescope Acier chief executive and president of the French foreign trade in New-Caledonia Councellors. The 25 of April 2018, he was awarded Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur by the Haut-Commissaire, Thierry Lataste.


Nord avenir


West Pacific Scallops (SAS WPS) was created in 2015 as a result of the Belep Islands population, of the Province Nord and of private investors’ will to develop a sustainable scallops fishing activity in the Grand Lagon Nord of New-Caledonia, area of the Caledonian lagoon identified for its high potential. The SAEML NORD AVENIR, company for the economical development of the Province Nord, found an Australian partner, the company FAR WEST SCALLOPS INDUSTRIES pty Ltd. Thanks to its expertise in fishing, transformation and commercialisation of scallops, it is the leader of this project. The whole population of Belep is also active in the project. Indeed, the sixteen clans incorporated in sixteen GDPL, are gathered into the SC BELEMA, WPS shareholders.

The specie fished by the WPS is the Amusium balloti. This seafood is internationally popular and represents a high quality product. It is considered the world’s top coral-less scallop.

This joint-venture is a successful example in its economical, social, environmental but also juridical and financial components, in relation with the local culture and the specificities of New-Caledonia.