Preparing to  EXPORT 

If deciding to export can be a rational and realistic decision for numerous companies, the process should not be taken lightly. Several steps need to be taken to be able to establish yourself on an external market and NCT&I supports you as part of your membership:

the pre-export diagnosis :

NCT&I conducts an interview to evaluate your company’s export capabilities and define its objectives on the international market.

Selecting an export target market:

Targeting an export market means taking numerous data and information about the target country, its current regulations,  (phytosanitary, prescriptive), the conditions of access,  the political and economic environment, sector-specific opportunities, useful contacts….) into account.

NCT&I regularly organizes “market opportunities” information meetings to give companies a better grasp of the whole set of data to consider before starting an export process.

Services + NCT&I : a personalized diagnosis  :

NCT&I v offers to its members a paid personalized diagnosis aiming to define your company’s export strategy by establishing criteria through the following action plan:

  • Analysis of the targeted country
  • Analysis of market opportunities
  • Competition analysis
  • Analysis of possible impediments to entry
  • Identifying business contacts


Prospecting is an indispensable step before visiting, the prospecting phase regularly involves a communication campaign to evaluate the interest from targeted companies before you meet them.

NCT&I supports and/or represents you overseas:

  • Support or representation by the cluster during international fairs and showcases
  • Participation in economic missions organized by the cluster overseas (meetings, conferences, field visits…)
  • Integration into the economic component of economic diplomacy missions organized by the Government of New Caledonia.

Services + NCT&I :

NCT&I offers to organize individual economic missions for a fixed price (logistics, commercial prospecting, meetings with economic and institutional actors).

Preparing the first visit:

As part of the shipping process, you must check the quality of your shipping service (strength and presentation of your packaging, package marking, labelling, legal notices in English, selecting the forwarder and the means of transport, the expedition type permanent or temporary, certification procedures, business invoice, etc.).    

NCT&I regularly invites members to mutualize logistical export procedures for a first shipment or the participation in a showcase or an economic event.  

Preparing the sales contract:

Before shipping goods, or any service provision on the international market, every exporter must produce a sales contract detailing the main costs and risks between the buyer and the seller. International sales contracts must adhere to the rules of international trade (Vienna Convention, incoterms, General Sales Conditions, writing of contract clauses…)


Thanks to different industrial partners, the cluster supports you in the collection of information, the elaboration and the execution of your export assistance applications.



New Caledonia’s institutions have put different tools in place to support export and offer a variety of aids.

  • The South Province’s CASE: The Economic Support Code is a provincial scheme  offering entrepreneurs financial aid to enable them to benefit from the following support schemes (aid to export related/ logistical support  employment /prospecting support)
  • The Export Tax Credit: Two tax measures enable New Caledonian companies to benefit from a tax credit from 1 January 2018.
    • A tax credit for up to 50 million available for no more than 15 straight years for expenses associated with export-oriented commercial prospection. This tax credit will mainly cover expenses for travel, showcase/mission participation, market research, translation and interpreting, industrial property rights protection on international markets, attorney fees associated with international contracts.
    • A tax deduction to compensate for the payment of export additional cents, more commonly known as the export tax. New Caledonian exporters will benefit from a deduction equal to twice the amount of the additional cents integrated into the calculation of the patent. Additional cents are taxes calculated on the basis of annual export volumes.
  • The Economic, Social and Cultural Cooperation Fund for the Pacific : also known as « the Pacific Fund » is France’s main regional cooperation instrument in the Pacific . It is financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and contributes through this cooperation with Pacific independent States to New Caledonia’s, French Polynesia’s and Wallis & Futuna’s regional insertion.

In 2017, New Caledonia’s annual co-financing of this cooperation instrument amounted to 20 million XPF which were used to support projects from the priority themes identified by France:

  • Projects enabling French collectivities to be associated to the fight against climate change and natural disaster risk prevention.
  • Economic and industrial projects such as feasibility studies, impact studies, training activities, involving the know-how of French collectivities or benefiting them while participating in the strengthening of economic exchanges at the regional level.
  • Health Security projects (fight against endemic non-communicable diseases or those caused by infectious vectors) and food security projects.

The Public Investment Bank (BPI) offers three products in New Caledonia (more information on

  • The Hospitality Loan
  • The Catering Loan
  • The New Caledonia Loan


France’s tools and instruments aimed at supporting export are:

The Public Investment Bank (BPI) is a French funding and company development organization tasked with supporting small, midsize and innovative companies, alongside national and regional public policies. Since 2013, the Public Investment Bank seeks to be a preferred funding partner through the mobilization of investment funds or by providing guarantees.

 BPI France offers 2 financial aid tools:

  • The prospection insurance pays for the company’s prospection expenses which could not be covered by sufficient sales in the targeted geographical area.
  • The export tax credit which pays for capital goods or services provided to a foreign client.
    (More information on

Business France : the organization seeks “to support international development  of small and medium size companies and their exportations,   inform  and support  foreign investors in France  and promote  France’s, its companies’ and its territories’ economic attractiveness and image” (More information on

Thanks to its experience, its expertise and its privileged relationship    with these different partners, NCT&I can act as the ideal intermediary for New Caledonian companies aiming to develop their exportations. The cluster is a point of entry into various existing support tools and supports companies through all the required procedures. 



The European Investment Bank (EIB) grants funding (loans and guarantees) to investment projects (public, private or resulting from a public/private partnership) which meet some of the European Union’s objectives.   

The EIB Group whose subsidiary is the European Investment Fund (EIF) enhances small and midsize companies’ environment through contributions, guarantees or the setting up of capital-investment regional structures.   The EIB and the EIF generally cover around 1/3 of the project’s costs, sometimes 50 or 75 %.

Specialized in guarantee instruments, capital risks and technical assistance, the EIB also grants loans for:

  • Support for big individual projects (whose investment costs exceed 25 million euros). The EIB generally funds 1/3 of the cost but its support can reach 50 %. Rates may be fixed, variable or adjustable.
  • Loans with bank intermediaries (or lines of credit) which indirectly targets small and midsize companies or small local collectivities through banks and financial institutions which undertake a project analysis for projects whose cost is under 25 million euros.

Market information

Research is a necessary step in the preparation of an export project, research on foreign markets requires targeted and up to date information.   

To support your research, NCT1&I makes an important amount of economic data through country profiles, sector specific opportunities, tenders economic notes, export contacts  and possible suppliers available to its members through  the confidential part of its website.


Every year, NCT&I participates in different international events to represent its members, their products and services, and more broadly New Caledonia and its know-how.

Showcases/ Fairs

Economic Missions

Economic Diplomacy Missions

Signing of Agreements and Partnership





NCT&I, the Government of New Caledonia, New Caledonia’s Chamber for Agriculture, the Chamber for Trades and Craft, The Federation of New Caledonian Industries, New Caledonia Tourism South Province and Aircalin participated in the Agriculture International Showcase in Paris from 24 February to 4 March. The products on display were carefully selected after a territory-wide process, from Nouméa to the loyalty Islands: Acars, jam hibiscus infusion, liquors, essential oils, Niaouli essences, vanilla, essential oils soap, coffee, syrup, beer, honey , chocolate-flavored coffee beans,  the stand was visited by  Annick Girardin, French Minister for Overseas Territories and the French Minister for Food and Agriculture, Stéphane Travert .  

The experience was a very positive one : Numerous contacts were established  on site and  new  clients and potential distributor specialized in delicatessens. The actors present plan to be back in 2019 with a greater financial contribution from the private sector in the showcase’s organization.  New Caledonian products and services have a great potential in French and European markets as do those from the other French Overseas territories.  (ex: French Polynesia, the Reunion Island)  emerged. It would be interesting to have a sale point within the Maison de la Nouvelle-Calédonie in Paris.  

The Minister for Overseas Territory visits New Caledonia’s stand

  - New Caledonia’s Chamber for Agriculture

Clément Gandet

“New Caledonia’s  Chamber for Agriculture (CANC) participates in this event alongside NCT&I, a historical partner of the Agriculture International Showcase, CANC generally found that all exhibitors were generally able to make fruitful sales.  However, products such as prawns, honey, and deer meat would have been particularly successful with visitors. This operation should be renewed because New Caledonia should be represented at this showcase. To maintain its international visibility”.


Philippe Bruot, Manager

“While the location of our stand was not ideal n the International Agriculture Showcase allowed us to evaluate the requirements of the BtoC market and better manage the sales  prices  of New Caledonian products on the French market. New Caledonian rum attracted a lot of interest from rum professionals from France and the Overseas Territories.  In the short term; New Caledonian rum has a lot of commercial potential on the French and maybe even on the European market. The presence of a strong delegation reinforced the legitimacy and the credibility of New Caledonian products and services on display.”


Anne Demay, Manager

“NCT&I’s invitation to participate to the International Agriculture Showcase allowed us to establish multiple high quality contacts. Indeed, thanks to these new relationships with potential distributors for its acards and jams, “Douceurs du caillou” was put in contact with renowned French caterer    Le Nôtre. Negotiations are promising and could lead to export opportunities on the French market.


Sylvie Colliez, Manager

 "Nature Plus» represented by  Sylvie Colliez, sold a lot of hibiscus-based products  during the Agriculture International Showcase. Very valuable contacts led to partnerships and 7 new sales point in Paris, Lille and Lens.  Nature Plus is currently negotiating with luxury hypermarkets implanted across France.  The potential is enormous, so much so that the manager is thinking about opening a company in France to take advantage of all the opportunities on offer.  To maintain this momentum, Nature + intends to participates in the next Taipei Food Show through the cluster.  


Thomas Jondeau, Food Industry Officer

“The International Agriculture Showcase 2018 has been more fruitful for Vanilla from the Loyalty Islands compared to previous years.  The participation in this showcase thanks to NCT&I’s support allowed to sell, valorize, selling and enhance New Caledonian vanilla’s international reputation.  

The Maison de la Vanille seeks to sell its excess product and is therefore looking for more and more foreign clients. The ideal reward for New Caledonian vanilla would be to win an award at the International Agriculture Showcase to build its international reputation with starred chefs and promote the Loyalty Islands as a destination It would be an undeniable proof of the quality of our product and it would enhance its reputation.

During the showcase, NCT&I scheduled   promotional and business meetings for the Maison de la Vanille, which most notably enabled the strengthening of its relationship with a French distributor.”

  - SEAFOOD 2018

Seafood (Brussels)

As part of the operational support it provides its members,  (Pacific Tuna, Pescana), for the exportation of tuna in Asia-Pacific , and in Europe),  NCT&I brings its expertise  to the general organization of the Seafood  in Brussels, in collaboration  with the Government of  New Caledonia, the ERPA, and the Department for Maritime Affairs.  

The objective was to have experts participate in this major seafood showcase through the creation of a New Caledonian brand of tuna,  “Cap  La Pérouse “ to enhance our visibility on the international market. A six-person New Caledonian delegation participated in the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels,  a major showcase where  fishing professionals meet about 1 800 exhibitors  from 150 countries.  

 Before the showcase, the cluster organized economic meetings between New Caledonian actors and potential important French and European importers and distributors in attendance.

 This operation allowed us to promote certified and labelled fishing techniques, the taste of New Caledonia’s albacore tuna, develop a distribution network on both the fresh and frozen markets (restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, importers, distributors, catering services and seafood markets).

Only 4 months after participating in the Seafood in Brussels, more than 3 containers of frozen white tuna were exported to  a renowned high quality French cannery (Belle Iloise, Connétable), the volume of tuna exported to France every year has also doubled thanks to the showcase which raised the profile of New Caledonian albacore tuna in the eyes of supermarkets (Carrefour, Super U, Metro).

Furthermore, the Department of Maritime Affairs is working with New Caledonian deep sea fishermen   so that they be granted « the sustainable fishing » label   sported by FranceAgriMer.

This “sustainable fishing” label responds to the sector’s need for a quality label which enhances the value of French fishing products. Easily recognized by consumers, it is different from existing private ecolabels since it relies on a comprehensive definition of sustainable fishing which includes social, environmental and economic requirements.   


Marion Habault, manager

Marion Habault participated in the Essence showcase in April 2018, an international reference for perfume creators which takes place in Italy.  Put in contact by NCT&I via its partner NCTPS, Marion Habault benefited from the support of Barbara Mauro of New Caledonia Tourism Italy. Immediately after her arrival, NCT&I used its network of partners to put Marion Habault in contact with Alberto Frescura of Business France Italy who is a valuable asset for operational support on the ground.  Since it started exporting, Coral Cosmetic’s is synonymous with success and innovation. Indeed, our New Caledonian company intends to create a Pacific-inspired perfume which combined scents from the region such as  Wallis &Futuna’s Ylanf-Ylang , Ni Vanuatu pepper, New Zealand lavender  or Tahiti’s Tiaré.  Our projects never stop; we have been contacted to participate in the Nouméa Fashion Week in October. And we may export to Taiwan to create a range of perfumes in collaboration with fashion brands or tourism initiatives…



The Representation of South Pacific Employers organized the Pacific Business Days from 20-22 March 2018 in Papeete. NCT&I and 13 entrepreneurs participated in the event.  Economic meetings were scheduled by NCT&I during this forum. This mission sought to strengthen the cooperation and collaboration between New Caledonian economic actors and the 15 countries in attendance to contribute to the economic development of our territories in the Pacific.  The multiple contacts initiated with private and public sector representatives enabled encouraging perspectives to emerge in sectors such as the environment, mining, construction, hydrology, water resources, geotechnics, renewable energies, digital, training, processing, food…. 

Here are examples of success stories among NCT&I’s members following the PBD’s:


Yann Lozach, Export and Logistics Officer

“ Socalait was among the companies represented by  NCT&I during the Pacific Business Days  in Papeete in March 2018.  The group’s export projects and the numerous contacts initiated during these two economic missions led to real opportunities to increase export volumes. Socalait has now increase ice cream exports to French Polynesia and found three new multi-product clients in Vanuatu. “


 Azur Piscines

Our member, Azur Piscines leader in swimming pool manufacturing and main importer of accessories, maintenance products, filtration equipment, lighting, robots… benefited from NCT&I’s representation services in French Polynesia.  During the PBDs the cluster organized numerous economic meetings with potential swimming pool and swimming pool distributors and importers.  

Beyond company prospections in French Polynesia,  Azur Piscines mandated the cluster  to undertake a prospecting study in Vanuatu.  This study will allow us to better understand the Ni-Vanuatu market and develop a partnership with a local importer to generate revenues.



Thanks to the meetings scheduled by NCT&I during the PBDs in Tahiti, Skazy was able to finalize several projects with local partners, notably, a contract with the bank of Tahiti, the commercialization of a medical software, ASCELTIOS, a software used by doctors and the expansion of to French Polynesia.  Finally, Skazy created a joint-venture with a local company, Tahiti Numérique to offer Skazy products in various Polynesian markets. This partnership enables Skazy to meet the needs of the French Polynesian market.



Geocal used the PBDs as an opportunity to meet with potential partners specialized in GPS localization and fleet management for professionals and individuals. The objective of this mission is to find a local partner to create a joint-venture. As of July 2018, commercial negotiations are ongoing.


Eloy water

Eloy water participated in the economic mission to the PBDs last March. NCT&I organized numerous economic and institutional meetings which led to the creation of a holding, Eloy Water French Polynesia.


Visit of three NCT&I members to Australia

President Macron delivers a speech in May 2018



Didier Lille of Bluecham SAS at the Sydney Opera House during President Macron’s mission to Australia in May 2018.  

BLUECHAM SAS, member of NCT&I participated in President Macron’s visit to Australia which took place from 1-3 May, BLUECHAM has expertise in maritime and coastal surveillance and currently has projects in Australia.  That is the reason why, the President’s protocol services contacted BlueCham, after consulting NCT&I.  

Didier Lille, CEO, was invited to be a part of the economic delegation, mostly composed of French actors . Contacts on the ground were numerous and positive. Didier Lille had the opportunity to meet the French Minister for Research as well as Presidential advisors, to identify innovative New Caledonian companies in the economic and knowledge sectors.  Informal discussions with Australian counterparts about the Qëhnelö™ technology, exclusively developed in New Caledonia for the last decade and winner of 14 awards, confirmed that the interest was strong, particularly for maritime use. There is no doubt that this trip will open new perspectives.


Laurent Lebrun, General Manager

“Two New Caledonian entrepreneurs were invited to travel to Sydney, with Philipe Germain, President of the Government of New Caledonia to participate in the President of the French Republic, Emanuel Macron’s State visit.  

The concept of an Indopacific axis developed by President Macron led on the economic front to contacts between French and Australian companies. The main contract relates to the sale of French submarines to the Australian Navy and was awarded to Naval Group.  The major companies involved, such as SAFRAN and THALES were represented at the highest level.  The 50 billion USD contract covers several decades.   

Our participation allowed us to promote  the proximity between New Caledonia and Australia as an asset  for companies  or their subcontractors  recently implanted in Australia or those which are about to do so.  Indeed, this proximity should allow New Caledonian expertise to be used as part of these contracts and New Caledonia could act as a French-speaking support base for expatriate workers from these companies wishing to rest in a Francophone environment for a while. Therefore, a potential niche market exists.”

  - SLN

Thibault de Saint Vaulry, « FNS Sales & Marketing Manager »

 «The SLN accepted NCT&I’s invitation to participate in President Macron’s visit to Australia.  In its discussions with the President, the Société Le Nickel emphasized the importance of shared values and circular economic principles, which have already been promoted by the President at the highest level.  As he did during his visit to the US Congress, President Macron reminded the audience in Sydney that “There is no planet B.”

Having the opportunity to promote the SLN’s project as a member of the delegation enabled us to demonstrate that mining companies also participate in this movement. This visit was also an opportunity to meet some Australian officials and local stakeholders who may be able to provide local support.  


  - SLN

Frédéric Martin, « Slags Upgrading Project Manager »

“The SLN has been benefiting from NCT&I’s economic and institutional network for the last year. As a result, the first load of 24 500 tons of SLANDS (ferronickel slags) were exported to Vanuatu in April 2018. The objective is to recycle slags and use them for the upgrading of the airport and the Ring Road project, financed by the ADB and the World Bank.  This constitutes an undisputable environmental success for Vanuatu since using slags prevent the use of sea sand. For the SLN, this is an example of a successful export of upgraded slags.  

First load of Ferronickel slags o be exported to Vanuatu

  - ARBE

Eric Lafitte, Manager

“In early 2018, Arbé undertook a prospecting mission in Vanuatu. NCT&I was tasked with scheduling meetings with actors in the construction sector.  Thanks to these numerous and fruitful meetings, Arbé was able to gain a better understanding of Vanuatu’s construction market and its actors. The company is thinking about the possibility of having a local representative to be able to respond to tenders from financial backers such as the World Bank, the ADB, JICA, etc.

Vanuatu’s main financial backers are very interested by Arbè’s high level of expertise and competitiveness in Civil Engineering.  

Numerous medium and long term construction projects   are about to start in Vanuatu (upgrading of the airport, building of numerous quays, upgrading of recent building which do not currently meet cyclone and seismic standards….).   

Arbe will only be able to be present in Port Villa through a partnership with a Ni-Vanuatu company.”



Thanks to its numerous institutional partners in the Pacific, NCT&I compiled a list of tenders for the benefit of its members.  Thanks to NCT&I, ICNC was introduced to Jean-Claude Dinne and responded to tenders in Vanuatu. Thanks to its para-seismic and cyclone resistant features, our product, JK Structure perfectly fits Vanuatu and the wider Pacific’s climate needs.  Therefore,   ICNC was able to respond to the Relais de la Francophonie in Port Villa’s tender. ICNC was put in contact with a project manager and three building contractors, including one interested in becoming a JK Structure reseller.  NCT&I participated in establishing various contacts which may lead to export markets in New Zealand and Australia.  




As part of a project aiming to export  a water treatment  technique in Fiji,  the Calédonienne des Eaux benefited from NCT &I’s support through a market study  to better understand what creating a sister company in Fiji  would entail.

Following the study, NCT&I organized an economic mission for the CDE which included meetings with the main institutional actors, including His Excellency the Ambassador of France to Fiji, Sujiro Seam as well as various private stakeholders such as banks, insurance companies, and Certified Accountants to finalize their project aiming to establish a holding in Fiji.



Gilles Guillier, Manager

 “As a part of their activities in the Pacific, Colas Australia and Colas New Caledonia participated in an economic mission in Fiji to gain a better understanding of ongoing projects, and meet with financial backers, very interested by the idea of having an international company operating on the Fijian market.  A second mission, more focused on operational aspects will be organized in July to gain a better grasp of the existing opportunities to create a holding in Fiji.  

 Colas NC  and Colas Australia  also undertook a prospecting mission in New Zealand, with the support of New Caledonia’s Delegate, Yves Lafoy, aiming to buy a Civil Engineering  company.”




On 15 January, Biscochoc and Indonesian company PT Polaris Metro Persada signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Philippe Germain, President of the Government of New Caledonia.  Representatives from NCT&I, the Indonesian Consulate, economic stakeholders and Employers’ Federations   attended the signing.  This partnerships proves that export ventures supported by NCT&I are fruitful. Biscochoc expands the range of its export activities while consolidating its markets in Japan, Vanuatu, China and French Polynesia.

Signing of the M.O.U at the Headquarters of the Government of New Caledonia



BLUECHAM SAS, a member of NCT&I, won the "See a Better World Global Award 2018" in Kuala Lumpur. It is the fourteenth international award won by the New Caledonian company.  The award was granted by the space agency Digital Globe, worldwide leader in very high definition satellites on 15 May 2018. The original citation reads as follows: «For emergency response in French Polynesia floods - modelling flooding, log jams and saving lives".  This is a special award, as it is granted to the Jury’s favorite project," See a Better World" is the spatial agency’s motto. 

BLUECHAM faced competition from all of Digital Globe’s Asian partners. The award recognized the expertise of BLUECHAM’s Emergency Analysis Team and their ability to use satellite to assist rescue teams during the severe floods that occurred in Tahiti in January 2017.  The quality of the analysis and the speed at which it was transferred to the authorities allowed targeted and efficient interventions to take place while also enabling an evaluation of the floods impacts.

The President of the Jury "ASIA", the General Manager of  DigitalGlobe Australia, The representative of  Singapour and Member of the Jury


  - New Caledonian Innovative BLUECHAM SAS


The technology developed by Bluecham aims to help public collectivities, manufacturers and research programs take environmental decisions. In New Caledonia, one of its main clients is the Municipality of Yaté, adjacent to Vale’s    hydrometallurgical plant. Very quickly, the companies look to expand its activities internationally, “a prerequisite for the company to grow and maintain high-quality standards” sums up Rémi Andreoli. With regional markets as its targets, Bluecham participated in the government’s economic diplomatic missions in Vanuatu, New Zealand and Australia in 2016.  The company intends to continue its prospecting efforts in the Pacific and wishes to put its expertise at the service of New Caledonia’s institutions to a greater extent than it currently does.

Two awards for  Bluecham © Le Mag du Gouv


Geocal is awarded a contract to equip the Government of Vanuatu’s 400 vehicles with GPS in October 2017

As part of the economic and diplomatic missions organized by the Government of New Caledonia in 2016 and 2017, Geocal has been able to establish strong links with Ni-Vanuatuan institutions and signed a partnership agreement for the sale and installation of GPSs in Government vehicles.

Excerpt from the Daily News, 28 October 2017

“Chairman Mahe says the main emphasis for installing the GPS in government vehicles is to control the use of the vehicles and stop the rampant misuse of government vehicles that had plagued governments-after-governments over the years especially with high fuel and maintenance costs. The aim is to reduce the Vt2 million costs to government annually through misuse of the vehicles. With this system PSC will not hesitate to discipline staff who misused government vehicles,” he emphasized. The government vehicles on Efate, Santo, Lakatoro and Tanna will be the first to be fitted with GPS followed by those in the provincial centres of Sola and Ambae with the job by Geocal Limited expected to be completed in February 2018.”

The President of the Public Service Commission, Martin Mahe (third from the right) presents the check to Xavier Dolacinski  for the payment  of the fee associated with the installation of GPS systems in the Government of Vanuatu’s vehicles © Jonas Cullwick du Daily Post

  - ELLIPSE CONSULTING : Cyrille Berhault, embracing the North with open arms

From the August issue of CCI Info

« Associate manager of the LLC Ellipseconsulting created in 2006 to meet the increasing needs of international companies trying to develop their activities or establish offices in in New Caledonia, Cyrille Berhault is technical adviser to the CCI since 2015.  In 2006, Cyrille Berthault used his expertise to create Ellopseconsulting, with his wife, Johanna. The company offers to act as “an intermediary for companies seeking to establish themselves in New Caledonia.” In late 2007, as a part of the Koniambo Nickel project, Ellipse Consulting worked with the plant’s management team and its contractors to settle employees in the VKP area.  In 2009, the Berthaults moved to Koné where they established the company’s headquarters while keeping an office in Nouméa.”   

  - 3P

Arnaud Gosse, Manager

 “Pacific Plastic Profile was a part of NCT&I’s delegation which visited Wallis and Futuna between 11-13 October 2017.  3P has been exporting to Wallis for 14 years. However, this mission was an opportunity to identify a new client and finalize an order for PVC panels.”


Bertrand Lacroix, Manager

“The New Caledonian SME Aqualone, specialized in irrigation was praised in Paris. Nicolas Hulot’s former foundation, renamed Foundation for Nature and Mankind (FNH) singles out environment-friendly projects every year.  This year, Aqualone won the People’s Choice Award and will be featured in a communication campaign broadcasted on a private national radio station.”

Congratulation to Aqualone on winning the Service Prize during the first Technovations at the Tech & Bio Showcase in France.  
 Aqualone 1000, won awards at the last Irrigation Show 2015 in Las Vegas, as the best irrigation invention. The objective is to manage to preserve the world’s water resources. This system allows the automation of all irrigation systems from the simplest to the most sophisticated, without electricity or programming.  Our product is much more efficient from an economic and environmental standpoint than any existing electronic programing system on the market. It is already available and installed in the Asia-Pacific region to fight significant drought and water-access problems. Aqualone is exporting, and it’s only the beginning! For example, Melbourne will be using Aqualone on its green walls. Nouméa will also be using the system on its sports fields to reduce its water-related spending. The City Council will use this project to compete for the territorial prize at next year’s Mayors Congress.     


Julien Cozzi, Manager

“Established in New Caledonia for more than ten years, Alphalog   specializes in developing solutions for companies through the creation of websites, customized software and internet mobile solutions. Aqualog serves a variety of clients ranging from freelance workers to large administrations.    Alphalog was represented among the 30 CEO delegation that participated in the economic mission to Vanuatu from July 12-14 2017, which was the opportunity to meet with Ni-Vanuatu companies to discuss the various computer related issues they are facing such as the management of outstanding payments, electronic signatures, sending bulk e-mails or the creation of mobile applications. The combination between Aqualog’s previous experience in Pacific Islands and the contacts established during the mission thanks to NCT&I is a strong indication that the future is bright for the company, which continues to prospect in New Caledonia and abroad.”


Hélène Duquesnoy, Head of Export

“After several participation to the Foodex Japan through NCT&I , 2017 enabled Biscochoc to establish contacts with  a very interesting clientele , at the heart of the Asian markets, in such countries as Korea,  China, or Taiwan. The momentum created by NCT&I during the showcase enabled Biscochoc to strengthen its contacts on the Asian market.  The multiple trips abroad led to an 85% increase in revenue on the Japanese market, mainly due to the development of products under new packaging for a new client, and the finalization of the first Chinese order.  Foodex Japan has become an unmissable event for Biscochoc to maintain business relations with its existing customers.”


Gérard Boniface,Manager

“The economic mission to Vanuatu organized by NCT&I from 12-14 July 2017 enabled Boniface Acma to benefit from a customized meeting schedule. The company participated in a workshop organized by the cluster, gathering more than 60 people representing the institutions and the Government of Vanuatu, Vanuatu’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries, the Melanesian Spearhead Group, and entrepreneurs from the food, health, digital technology, education sectors, among others.   
Field visits enabled us to grasp Vanuatu’s economic realities and evaluate potential future projects. Booniface Acma is pursuing its prospecting process in Vanuatu and seeks to expand it to the Pacific region at large. “


Xavier Benoist

 “A delegation composed of members of New-Caledonia Trade & Invest, the Federation of Industries, and New Caledonia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries, participated in an economic mission in Vanuatu from July 12-14.  This delegation included more than 30 CEOs from the agriculture, construction, digital technology, food, textile, consumer goods, real estate, logistics, and engineering and innovation sectors.  This visit enabled the strengthening of institutional  links with Vanuatu  thanks to  meetings organized by NCT&I. Bluescope Steel  opened  the doors of its holding in Vanuatu to the New Caledonian delegation and presented its facilities and  the products offered on the Ni-Vanuatu market.   
NCT&I also organized an economic mission to Wallis and Futuna from 11-13 October 2017. Bluescope Steel was represented in the delegation which included 14 CEOs and representatives of New Caledonian professional organizations (CPME-NC, FINC). Contacts established during the mission led to the initiation of commercial procedures.
Thanks to NCT&I’s actions and these two economic missions, Bluescope Steel was able to strengthen its contacts and its presence in the Pacific.  The idea of mutualizing freight resources between New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna with the company 3P, also a member of the cluster, was discussed to enhance New Caledonian companies’ price competitiveness….”


Yannick Couete, General Manager

 “After receiving an official request from Austrade   relative to the organization of an agricultural economic mission to New Caledonia, NCT&I contacted the Chamber of Agriculture to have a better understanding of its members’ needs as well as of the existing partnership opportunities with Australian agriculture professionals.  The mission’s logistical challenges required NCT&I and CANC to be reactive and they did rise to meet that challenge.  The synergy created between New Caledonian institutional and agricultural stakeholders enabled the assessment of the state of affairs in the sector to tackle the issues identified by New Caledonia’s Chamber of Agriculture such as water cycle management,  animal genetics, food self-sufficiency, phytosanitary protection,  field crops, , seeds, training. Avenues of cooperation with Australia have been identified thanks to the work undertaken by the cluster and its partners”.


Patrick Christian, Manager

A delegation composed of members of New-Caledonia Trade & Invest visited New Zealand from 26-30 July 2017 as a part of an economic mission.  The delegation included 15 CEOs from various sectors such as agriculture, tourism, construction, digital technologies, the food industry, consumer goods, engineering, renewable energies and innovation. Chicken Greg benefited from an institutional and economic meeting schedule as well as field visits organized in advance by NCT&I.
Chicken Greg met privately with Laura Torrebruno, economic adviser to the Ambassador of France in Wellington.  The company discussed its aspirations on the New Zealand market and obtained information about procedures and key steps in New Zealand.
Chicken Greg met two major New Zealand suppliers offering to support the construction of industrial henhouses. In Bromley, Chicken Greg found a real partner and provider of eggs to hatch.  Thanks to NCT&I’s prospection efforts and the fruitful meetings they organized, a joint-venture started between a New Caledonian and a New Zealand company.    This partnership will continue in 2018, Bromley New Zealand will train the future New Caledonian henhouse operators.

  - CPME

Baptiste Faure,  Secretary General

“CPME-NC has been a member of NCT&I for the last two years and has found an ideal partner in the cluster to support its ambition to grow its membership base in the Pacific region.  
The CPME-NC met privately with Laura Torrebruno, economic adviser to the Ambassador of France in Wellington.  The company discussed its aspirations on the New Zealand market and obtained information about procedures and key steps in New Zealand.
NCT&I is an invaluable asset for our members and our economy’s outreach thanks to the information they provide on regional markets, their logistical support during showcases and the economic missions they organize in neighboring countries.”


Christopher Lorho, Manager and Co-founder

« Easy Skill developed its export activities on the Australian and Papuan market in 2017.
In Papua New Guinea, Easy Skill has been active in the oil, gas, liquid gas and mining sectors.  Its activities are organized around 3 areas of expertise:  technical assistance, Engineering, and recruiting. About 10 consultants are currently working in Papua New Guinea at the moment.  Some auxiliary, yet important services were developed such as a customized service for visa and work permit applications (currently around 20 visas and 20 work permits are treated each month).
Thanks to its presence on the ground, Easy Skill was able to finalize commercial partnerships with PUMA, Newcrest and Total. Easy Skill participates in the Steering Group Papua New Guinea created by the cluster upon request from the members of the Total project.  Easy Skill needs NCT&I’s network. Indeed, this synergy and mutualizing of resources are additional assets for New Caledonian companies seeking to participate in the Total project.  
In 2018, Easy Skill was hired as a subcontractor by Newcrest for a two-year maintenance shutdown support project on an industrial unit, following a call for tender.
 In Australia, Easy Skill has had an office in Brisbane since 2014 and opened another one in Adelaide in August 2017. The opening of the second office is a response to the needs of the Future Submarine Program (FSP) whose contract was won by the French company Naval Group. Easy Skill offers all the services it does in New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea in its offices in Australia.  Another contract for the construction of frigates in the Pacific is ongoing and should be awarded in June 2018.  These two projects, worth a combined 85 Million AUD will create 10 000 new jobs in South Australia. Although getting visas and work permits is more difficult in Australia, qualified defense experts are still welcome.  In Brisbane, our teams are working hard on a daily basis to find new projects, in addition to those ongoing in the oil and gas sector.


Richard Georget, Manager

Geoscan participated in the economic missions organized by NCT&I in Vanuatu and New Zealand. These first export missions enabled Geoscan to have a better understanding of the calls for tender, in the construction sector, meet the economic stakeholders and better appreciate the existing regulatory constraints. 
Therefore, GEOSCAN was able to establish strong relationships with major Ni-Vanuatu and New Zealand companies and bid for international tenders.


Founded in 2012, INBUSOL is an IT service company with expertise in printing and e-mail control. After developing on the New Caledonian market, it naturally turned towards international opportunities to expand its activities in the Pacific.
INBUSOL selected French Polynesia because of geographic proximity, language and currency similarities, a similar administrative organization and the presence of major companies with shared boards between New Caledonia and French Polynesia.
“French Polynesia currently represents 40% of our revenues  and even if it was  difficult at the beginning ( export actions fully financed on personal funds and private contributions), we are delighted with the results  which safeguards the company from  the  economic crises which have affected New Caledonia.”    
In 2016, INBUSOL joined NCT&I which supports its ambition to conquer the Australian market.  
“ NCT&I’s support and its knowledge of the English-speaking world , where the business culture is significantly different is a key asset in this endeavor.” INBUSOL is a member of CPME NC and is responsible for the cluster’s export strategy.  


Sylvie Brier, Communication and Marketing Officer

« Nord Avenir works in collaboration with NCT&I since 2015 as part of its prospections actions aimed at finding new export markets for its holdings.  The partnership has been fruitful in terms of market data support, contacts with pre-identified actors or logistical and commercial support during economic missions. NCT&I’s teams are responsive and a source of proposals, that is the reason why Nord Avenir renewed its partnership with the cluster in 2018.

  - OPT-NC

Philippe Gervolino, General Manager

The OPT was represented among a 30 CEO delegation during an economic mission organized in Vanuatu from 12-14 July 2017. A wide variety of sectors were represented in the delegation such as agriculture,  construction,  digital technologies,  the food industry, textile, consumer goods , real estate, logistics , engineering and innovation.  
The various meetings organized by NCT&I strengthened the existing links with Vanuatu.  

  - SICA

Dominique Vouille, Deputy General Manager

“SICA, Nord Avenir’s feedstuff producer participated in an economic mission to Wallis and Futuna organized by NCT&I from 11-13 October 2017. The meetings with companies and economic stakeholders enabled SICA to better understand the local markets, duty regulations, as well as logistical issues arising in Wallis.
Field trips and B2B meetings enabled SICA to envision possibilities in the pig industry notably with dealers but also with other industry stakeholders as well.  SICA was able to gauge the importance of the sector and consider possible opportunities with emerging actors.”

  - Groupe SOCALAIT

Yann Lozach, Export and Logistics officer

Thanks to the operations organized by NCT&I in 2017, Socalait was put in contact with potential importers and benefited from NCT&I’s support during showcases in its endeavor to find new markets in Australia and New Zealand. The Socalait Group was given an opportunity to promote its new brands on the international market and send its first samples.


Frédéric Martin,Slags Upgrading” Project Manager 

“In 2017, SLN focused on exporting slags most notably on the Australian and Ni-Vanuatu market.  In Australia, the main objective was to use showcases to promote our products. The SLN also undertook market studies. To increase its efficiency, the SLN created a Legal Department and recruited a Sales Representative.   
In Vanuatu, the SLN used NCT&I’s networks to establish contacts with Ni-Vanuatu institutional and industrial actors. Ni Vanuatu authorities seek to forbid the sampling of beach sand and protect natural sand.  Slags are now recognized as a suitable aggregate for construction and should be a competitive solution in terms of price.
The SLN submitted offers for projects financed by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), like Port Villa Airport. NCT&I supports the SLN in its prospecting procedures by establishing the necessary contacts to finalize expected contracts relating to the airport project in 2018.


Carold Vassilev, Manager

 Teeprint participated in the two economic missions to Vanuatu organized by the cluster NCT&I in 2017.  The objective was to find a Ni-Vanuatu partner for a joint-venture.  This joint-venture became a reality through the sales point Teeshop and the establishment of a Pacific Print Office in 2018 to create a production unit in Port Villa in 2019.  


FCTE, la Forêt de Mou

Taichi Furukawa,  Manager of the Franco-Japanese company  S-tym, supports NCT&I’s members In their exportation procedures to Japan  as well as through the organization of events  ( food, crafts, cosmetics) alongside  the GIE NCTPS. These NCTPS 2017 events, focused on Japanese taste, enabled the promotion of  Sandro Cargnelli’s  “Authentic Taste” range.

Products from FCTE’s Authentic Taste range

NCT&I‘s member benefited from a dedicated sales area to promote New Caledonian products and hopefully increase their export revenue.  
For example, products like honey, punch, acars, chili, coffee and jams, liquors, chocolates    registered the following results between September and December 2017: 885 products were sold which generated revenues of over one million XPF. After 4 months, these products generated more than one Million Yen. NCTPS also benefited from NCT&I’s support to promote New Caledonia as a tourist destination in the Japanese media.   

Meeting with members -in partnership with NCTPS

4 Japanese journalists were invited to spend a few days in New Caledonia by NCTPS, their visit was focused on gastronomy.  NCT&I organized visits and tastings: honeys from la Fôret de Mou, chocolates from Boscochoc, rhum from La Distillerie du Soleil as well as ice creams and sorbets from la Sorbetière.    

Honey tasting in Frédéric Chatelain’s laboratory with Taich, NCT&I and  NCTPS. © NCT&I

Visit of Biscochoc’s factory, followed by a tasting, The day ended with a tasting at La Sorbetière  in l’Anse Vata  © NCT&I


 2016 was full of export success stories for New Caledonian companies. NCT&I supported its members and participated in their successes. Here are a few examples:

 - France Calédonie Tropic Export

 “Thanks to Avenir Export, we participated in Foodex and met several interesting prospects through our products.  We have started exporting our products to Japan.”

 - Biscochoc

« Our participation in Foodex enabled us to establish a commercial relationship with possible partners in China and Vietnam. Even more importantly, we doubled our revenue in Japan.  In the last two years, our revenue has increased by 140% on the Japanese market.

 - Socolait

 “The group is already doing well in terms of exportations. Following the shipping of a 20’ Reefer container in June 2016 to  Papeete, a 20’ Dry container was sent to  Wallis-and-Futuna.  The company expects to export 100 000 liters of Ice Cream or six 20’ Reefer per year! After the success of its previous exports operations, the group seeks to continue developing its market shares in the Pacific region (Vanuatu, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and China).”

 - La Périgiourdine du Pacifique

“After 2 years of work and investment efforts by the cannery, the first container of cooked vacuumed- packed pork ribs sailed to Sydney in April 2016.  This operation should be renewed periodically, on a contractual basis, starting with 9 containers the first year with the long-term objective of doubling that number. This operation also enabled the discovery of a new fabrication process which will soon be used locally, notably for fifth grade products in agriculture. The cannery seeks to develop its products in a circular fashion that benefits everyone. “

Consortium Eau Calédonien

“Following the visit of a New Caledonian delegation to Vanuatu as part of an economic mission organized by Avex, and to respond to Vanuatu’s needs in terms of water resources several New Caledonian companies with expertise in environment mutualized their resources to implement an evaluation strategy, monitoring support and sustainable resource distribution modalities, before handing the reins to local authorities.  This consortium was presented by Charlot Salwai, Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu, during his visit to New Caledonia   last May.”

 - Aqualone

AQUALONE was represented in California at the Irrigation Show 2015 and won the award for Best Irrigation Invention.  This cheap and easy to use irrigation management control system saves at least 40 % more water than other existing systems.  It is intuitive, adaptable to any climate and does not require energy or maintenance. It is able to manage any kind of agriculture, both earth and earth-less.  Additionally, it increases productivity while bringing fewer diseases. 

 - Blue Cham

Bluecham – spearhead of New Caledonian innovation keeps inspiring others outside of New Caledonia.  The company specialized in land and maritime monitoring through satellite images and the conception of decision-making tools, recently received several awards: the Technical Excellence Award for Pacific Countries 2015, awarded by SIBA (the Spatial Industries Business Association, Australia) in October, as well as the Best Start-Up Business Award, a month earlier during a Smart Cities Business Forum organized by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Australia.

 - Forêt de Mou

“Honey acts as a springboard for organic products. It can not only be exported but it is also an asset for tourism,” insists   Frédéric Chatelain, Manager of Forêt de Mou. “New Zealand did it, they sold their natural environment to promote tourism.  Nowadays, industrial honey has become so widespread that organic honey is often forgotten.  In New Caledonia, we have the necessary capabilities to triple our production of 100 % natural and organic honey.
 Avex supports small companies in their exports ventures. Thanks to international showcases like Japan’s Foodex, we are able to promote our land farming method and our company culture based on sharing.  Thanks to Avenir Export, we have just established a niche market in Japan, with a product recognized as “Raw Honey” by the Japanese government. The next step is to teach consumers the difference between natural and industrial honey.  We are pursuing our promotional efforts through communication campaigns and our participation in farmers markets.  Avex is a permanent and important support throughout this process”

 - Thésée Ingénierie

Thésée Ingénierie was selected by the Government of New Caledonia to develop an innovative project in Vanuatu. The company is also supported by France through the Pacific Fund 2016. This fund covers the costs for the preliminary studies for a project aiming to provide drinkable water to three communities (Nguna, Pele and  Lenakel).  Thésée Ingénierie’s project is articulated around three main aspects (technical, sociological, financial) to provide long term water supply to these communities thanks to a public/private partnership.  

 This first market in Vanuatu will enable the company to establish a holding by the end of 2016. This holding, Vanuatu Ingénierie  will undertake water management studies  and help communities find international funding to finance the necessary works.   

 Thésée Ingénierie aims to develop locally by creating long term jobs.  Thésée Ingénierie seeks to create other holdings in the Pacific to continue to bring New Caledonian expertise to local communities while training them in the process.

 - Géocal Fleet

Géocal is a New Caledonian company specialized in mobile geo-tracking solutions.

Thanks to its expertise, the company offers innovative systems which are exported to France’s Overseas Departments and Territories.

Since its creation in 2009, the company has found its place in New Caledonia’s market by offering a technologically advanced geo-tracking system, Geocal fleet, capable of localizing all kinds of vehicles in real time from a computer or a smartphone, as well as recording drivers’ driving parameters to optimize travel and reduce accidents.  “We have also developed  a system capable of locating employees working in isolated areas, to ensure their safety, “ explains Geocal’s manager, Karim Morghati.  Géocal also offers an anti home-jacking, included with the GPS beacon, which only allows the driver to start the vehicle after they identified themselves by composing a code made of several numbers.  This system has multiple advantages. The vehicle can be located, it cannot be stolen and the driver can identify themselves through Géocal’s application, Geocal fleet.   

 Géocal’s exports its expertise beyond New Caledonia.  “we started offering our geo-tracking services in French Polynesia in August 2015 thanks to a contractor who represents us locally.  Our products are also available in French Guyana. Since November, “explains Karim Morghati.  Finding international markets is a logical step forward, not because the New Caledonian market is overcrowded but because the company is implementing a development strategy. “our software  are available in both French and English to facilitate our export strategy,”  adds Karim Morghati. Geocal seeks to establish a presence in Papua New Guinea . In New Caledonia, the company’s projects are aimed at supporting its growth:  tripling the size of its headquarters, increase its personnel and open an office in the North Province.

 - Distillerie du Soleil 

“The development of our export activities was greatly aided by the actions initiated by Avex. Indeed, the cluster’s efficiency in putting together delegations at showcases, most notably Japan’s Foodex,  and its continuous efforts to establish contacts with professional importers in several countries enabled very promising relationships to be formed.  Moreover, their reactivity is greatly appreciated. Avex is remarkable for its implication, efficiency and the quality of its customer service.”

  - Alphalog

Raphaël Alla and Julien Cozzi are the two Associate Managers of Alphalog, a company specialized in software project management and the designing of websites, which has been riding the exportation wave since its creation in 2007.  “The development of our exportations was facilitated by the fact that I already owned a company in Australia and did so until 2013. We still have a contact in Australia tasked with maintaining a trade watch,”explains Raphaël Alla. Since 2013, the company exports its services in Vanuatu where it won a government contract for the development of software.  “It allowed us to get a foot in the door. Since then, we hired a sales representative tasked with prospecting on behalf of the company,” Raphael Alla continues.  During a computer showcase organized in Vanuatu in 2016, the two Associate Managers established new contacts and won a contract in the Salomon Islands.  “We met the manager of a Melbourne-based company which did not have all the required expertise to respond to the call for tender. We entered in a partnership in which each party brings its expertise to the table” adds Julien Cozzi.  Alphalog also has a partner in Indonesia where “we have a computer management support contract to implement a management software for a hotel in Java.” Members of NCT&I since early 2017, the two Associate Managers intend to rely on the cluster’s network to gain new contacts.  In the last three years, Alphalog’s export revenue tripled and currently represents 17 % of the company’s activity.